Week 4 – Strategy

31 August 2015

Four weeks in and the programme is heating up. The startups are taking advantage of all the resources that are now available to them and  mapping out what they have to achieve in the eight weeks before Demo Day.

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Week four kicked off with a visit from Chief Operating Officer from Nest, Lawrence Morgan, who presented to the entrepreneurs on the principles of strategy. The session included advice on what they need to think about to develop a solid strategy for their business, how to add value to startup that future investors will recognise and also how to evaluate and utilise the existing skill sets within a business so that appropriate new hires can be made.

He also touched upon how to target specific customer markets, a skill that is becoming increasingly important as FinTech moves away from a traditional banking model. 

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As someone who is well-known in the business for his ‘structured logic’ approach Lawrence also gave the entrepreneurs insight into how to approach problems and then make appropriate decisions. 

The week also included time with some of the programme’s invaluable mentors. The group sessions offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to really drill down into niche areas that are pertinent to their business, while one-on-one time allows them to get to know some of Hong Kong’s most influential industry leaders and benefit from the knowledge.

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