Week 11 – Pitching

Monday Speaker Session

An Angel Investment Group had the privilege of being one of the first parties to see the DBS Accelerator founders practice their pitches. Based on this ‘Pre-Pitch’ session, the representatives from the group invited a handful of the startups to pitch their businesses to the wider Angel Association as a whole.

Pitch Training

Nest’s Chief of Investments Jennifer Carver, in her capacity as the head of the Nest Investment Committee has seen her fair share of investment pitches. She went through what constitutes a ‘Minimum Viable Pitch’ and the essential information investors need to know in the first 5 minutes in order to hook their interest. The companies were reminded that everything in a pitch presentation should be  information that the startups already have at hand, and is simply a matter of clarifying the messaging to make it an unmissable opportunity.

Throughout the week, each team began their first ‘dress rehearsal’ presentations with Jennifer and Peter in preparation for Demo Day.