Week 10 – Funding

With Demo Day just around the corner, founders at the Vault are starting to prepare for the conversations that will come up around investments and funding. At such early stages, each of the founders will need to understand what investors are looking for when they invest in angel or seed rounds, as well as how best to structure agreements most to cater for future plans.

Invest HK – Investment Support & HR

On Monday, the startups met with the team from InvestHK to hear about the types of funding and support available to early stage companies in Hong Kong. In addition to funding, the teams will have to be thinking about future hires as their companies continue to grow, which prompted discussion on the legal responsibilities they have as employers. This was practical advice for the founders based in Hong Kong but also a useful lesson in the types of issues overseas founders should be thinking about when they return to their home markets.

KPMG – Funding & Structuring

The DBS Accelerator founders then learned about funding from a more practical and technical point of view from Nest mentor and KPMG’s head of M&A.

NEST – Pitching

Finally, Nest founder and CEO Simon Squibb joined the teams at the Vault to go through how the startups should hook investors in with their pitch presentations. With his extensive experience as a angel investor and pitch judge both in HK and globally, the insights he shared were unique and can help each of the founders gain the funding that they seek.

Funding for the Future

Midweek, Emanuel Breiter joined the cohort and went through the considerations each company would have to take after they raise their first couple rounds of funding. His experience across the entire life cycle of companies from seed to Series C got the founders thinking about their longer term plans and aspirations for their companies.

Thomson Reuters – Big Data

Finally at the end of the week Gautam Verma, Head of Enterprise Capabilities, Thomson Reuters came to discuss Thomson Reuter’s big data enterprise solutions.

Next Bank – Future of Wealth

Instead of the usual Friday Drinks at the Vault, this week the DBS Accelerator cohort welcomed the Next Bank Future of Wealth event at their space. This meetup showed how digital, design, user experience and innovation strategies have removed the need for high-cost and low tech in-person financial advisory. The leading figures in this field in HK who joined the panel discussion included Stepane Dubois (Xignite), Mathias Helleu (8 Securities), and Julian Shillinger (Privé Financial), James McKeogh (KPMG), Dave Wallace (HeathWallace) and David Lynch (DBS).