Digital Channel Experience

How can we enhance the E2E user experience for products and services applied through our mobile/online platform?

As the world’s best digital bank, data is our lifeblood. We are constantly looking for innovative platforms that can systematically parse and process the information that flows through our businesses. We are interested in solutions that can explore new ways for creating a seamless interface for customers to submit application information, including supporting documents. We’re also looking to enhance data processing and validation captured in various formats.

Additionally, how can we improve Straight-Through Processing for customer application data sent in various formats?

Areas of Focus

We recognise that there are always opportunities to enhance our customer’s journey with us and create seamless experiences on our digital channels.

We’re looking for startups with ideas for the following:

  • Information Capture & Flow: Seamless ways for customers to send in application including data on supporting documents, and route information to bank side
  • Information Process & Validation: Enhance data processing and validation, captured in various formats to determine leads qualification
  • Information Management & Exchange: Storing and sharing product information and customer records more efficiently

It's important to have a great digital presence

Market research (YouGov) in 2016 showed that customers believe that having a great digital experience is essential to their banking needs.

Hong Kong 52%
United States 59%
United Kingdom 57%
Global 66%

The Vault is Always Open.

If you have an innovative FinTech solution you’d like to work with us on, drop us a line and apply.