Customer Engagement

How can we better engage our customers through digital touch points?

We’re always looking for innovative ways to enrich customer experience at DBS. Whether it’s client reward systems or launching digital campaigns, how do we leverage technology that will redesign the way customers interact with us in a timely and flexible way?


Whether online or at the branch, we are always looking for innovative ways to allow customers to interact with us.

Areas of Focus

Customer experience is always top of mind for DBS.

We want to create a simplified, effective, delightful experience so we can serve clients better.

  • Loyalty / Reward Management: Platform to allow ‘earn and burn’ capabilities to incentivize specific behavior / actions from customers
  • Digital Campaign Management: Campaign / content management solution that can deploy marketing contents in agile, and provide timely, consolidated view of analytics on campaigns effectiveness
  • Digital Communication Channel Management: Channel solution that can provide instant, cost effective notifications to customers and new ways to build relationships with customers online
  • Gamification: Interactive solutions that can be adapted in an agile manner to drive customer engagement.

It’s important to be able to switch easily between different ways of interacting with a bank.

A survey (2016) showed that customers expect their banks to serve them on multiple platforms.

Strongly Agree/Agree 62%
Neither Agree nor Disagree 27%
Disagree/Strongly Disagree 8%
Don’t Know/Not Applicable 3%

The Vault is Always Open.

If you have an innovative FinTech solution you’d like to work with us on, drop us a line and apply.