Customer Engagement

How do we foster two-way interaction that is enjoyable in order to deepen engagement with customers?

While we take it seriously to deliver quality banking services to our customers, the experience we offer to our customers can be fun and interesting. From onboarding a new customer, introducing a new product, to offering loyalty rewards, how we can go beyond the traditional ways of delivery banking services and make the experience more engaging and unconventional for our customers?


Whether online or at the branch, we are always looking for innovative ways to allow customers to interact with us.

Areas of Focus

Customer experience is always top of mind for DBS.

We want to create a simplified, effective, delightful experience so we can serve clients better.

  • Gamification: Means to make customer experience with the Bank more engaging with gamification
  • Engaging Customer Experience with Augmented Reality: Creative ways to deliver next-level banking services to customers using AR technology

It’s important to be able to switch easily between different ways of interacting with a bank.

A survey (2016) showed that customers expect their banks to serve them on multiple platforms.

Strongly Agree/Agree 62%
Neither Agree nor Disagree 27%
Disagree/Strongly Disagree 8%
Don’t Know/Not Applicable 3%

The Vault is Always Open.

If you have an innovative FinTech solution you’d like to work with us on, drop us a line and apply. Application deadline is on January 22, 2018.