Credit Digitization

How can we better utilize internal and external data to enhance credit decisions and credit monitoring?

With big data and machine learning technology, we are looking to empower credit decisions with insightful, actionable information. We are also looking to find ways to complement our credit architecture by enriching credit decisions and credit monitoring with multiple sources of internal and external data. As well, how do we leverage breakthrough technology for capturing and processing structured and unstructured data, including natural language processing and semantic search?

Areas of Focus

As technology advances, our capabilities to analyse and process data are increasingly effective.

We’re looking for startups with ideas for the following:

  • Credit Decision: Efficient and effective ways to enrich credit decision using both internal and external data
  • Credit Monitoring: Solutions that can complement our credit architectures to innovatively integrate real-time risk monitoring using both internal and external data
  • Knowledge Management: Leverage technology (e.g. Natural Language Processing, semantic search) to assist teams in managing credit data and internal policies / guidelines

The Vault is Always Open.

If you have an innovative FinTech solution you’d like to work with us on, drop us a line and apply. Application deadline is on January 22, 2018.