Compliance Monitoring

How can we transform compliance monitoring and regulatory reporting?

With banks operating in increasingly complex regulatory environments, the role of compliance in banks are being placed in the spotlight with a focus on combating financial crime and minimizing conduct risk.  As we continue to enhance the customer’s journey, we are also looking at ways to transform our practice in compliance monitoring and reporting, so we can respond to regulatory changes in an agile manner.

Areas of Focus

We’re exploring smarter ways to perform compliance monitoring and reporting.  

We’re looking for startups with ideas for the following:

  • Regulatory Impact Analysis: Comprehensive solutions that intelligently identify policies and procedures being impacted by changes in rules and regulations
  • Trading & Transaction Monitoring: Robust means to identify trends and anomalies to enhance and streamline transaction monitoring and reporting

The Vault is Always Open.

If you have an innovative FinTech solution you’d like to work with us on, drop us a line and apply. Application deadline is on January 22, 2018.